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My name is Ida and i run the Swedish podcast "Skitfiskepodden" Skitfiske is a Swedish expression meaning, Good luck fishing, but you dont want to say just that cause it can bring bad luck to the fisher.
So thats why Swedes say "skitfiske"
My passion in life is fishing, borned and raised on a seaside island, the sea has always been close. And when i started flyfishing i was hooked emediatly.
My purpose with this podcast is to promote known and unknown people and places. And to get more people to discover this fantastic hobby and way of life. I value beeing a non-profit podcast with no unfluence from bigger companies and brands, what i talk about in the podcast is things i truly like.
With that said welcome to my world of fishing!
You can listen to me on almost every podcast platform around, just plug in your earphones.
Episodes are mainly in Swedish but if your lucky you can find one in english!